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Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Learn When You Get My Book for Just $7:
  • ​Think the college major isn’t that important? I’ll show you some eye-opening stats that prove a student’s field of study is more important than ever (Page 23).
  • ​The 3-Step E.A.R. Method that I developed to guide students to the best path, no matter how unsure, confused or anxious they might feel right now (Page 44).
  • ​Why letting students to go into college completely undecided, trusting that they’ll get the direction they need, is a dangerous and outdated practice (page 38)
  • A job simulator-like assessment that measures a student’s strengths with incredible accuracy, and helps them to identify exactly what they do best (you’ve probably never heard of this tool before). (Page 65).
  • ​​6 brain-expanding questions that students must answer in order to articulate what they actually want for their future (I call this foundational step the “Finish Line Formula”). Page 52.
  • ​​The top 8 attributes that employers look for when assessing students for future employment. Families almost always focus on #5 but neglect #1 (Page 31).
  • ​​Uplifting stories of bright high school students who once were unsure about their future, but now have a game plan that they're excited about (Page 39).
  • ​Why telling students to “find something they’re passionate about” is actually the wrong advice. You’ll learn why and you'll discover what we should recommend to students instead (Page 49).
  • ​A quick 2-minute assessment that will help you determine if your son or daughter is adequately prepared for their future. Depending on the score, you’ll learn what they should do to turn things around (Page 41).
  • ​A surprising reason why many colleges are ill-prepared to help students discover the best path. Most families simply overlook this, but the light bulbs will go off when you read the story I share (Page 36).
  • And so much more!
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