The Highlands Ability Battery

This exclusive assessment helps students uncover their hidden abilities with incredible accuracy, so they can make the best decisions for their future. Watch the video to learn more about the test, then read below to learn how students can take this assessment to determine what they do well.

The Highlands Ability Battery Overview Video

A Superior Assessment That Helps Students Thrive

Most students lack direction because they don't know what they're "good at." In addition, students don't know how to match their strengths to the best type of college or field of study.

The Highlands Ability Battery is an exclusive assessment that highlights a student's unique abilities, so they'll actually know what they need for their future.

Abilities Assessment + Personalized Support

In addition to the receiving a comprehensive report of your student's abilities, families will also participate in a detailed interpretation session, where I will explain your student's strengths, and advise them on how they can better use their abilities as they make key decisions.

During this session, you can ask me any questions that you'd like!

Take This Assessment For A Total Cost of $0

Your student can take the Highlands Ability Battery and your family can receive a detailed, customized interpretation session where I will explain their abilities in detail.

Your family can get this for a total cost of $0 (just pay a refundable deposit to get access to the test).

Student Success Stories

Ana shares how The Highlands Ability Battery affirmed her daughter's temperament and helped to uncover how she's wired.

Owen discusses how The Highlands Ability Battery explained his strengths and abilities. "The test confirmed a lot of suspicions I had about my abilities and my character."

Peter shares his experience. "I can clearly tell that my kids believe that the conversations they're having with you are resulting in you understanding something unique about them."

Fernando shares..."Seeing the results of the assessment helps me know more about her personality. It defines her almost 99%! Now we've narrowed it down to a few areas that she can focus on."

Alex expresses his delight in the breakdown of his assessment results. "Being able to categorically define what makes a person good at a certain type of career just makes sense."

Khayla expresses that the test really helped her to understand how she's wired and why she does certain things. "The results from the assessment were really interesting!"

David explains his experience. "Of all of the things we did, the most helpful thing was going through everything with you. Your interpretation and suggestions were very helpful!"

Austin explains the most helpful thing was his trust in the insights he received. "I came into this not wanting any fluff...This leaves me with a clear head and I have good protection for myself now."

Reagan explains the dragging routine she felt before taking this assessment. She then shares that her confidence shot way up after going through this process.

Isabel says, "Before this process, I didn't know where to start or what I was doing. I love having tasks to complete so it was helpful for me to go through the steps needed to make a decision."

Hunter explains how this process helped him to narrow his options. "This process made it easier for me to choose something that I really love."

Jordan expresses the assessment helped her to understand the majors and careers that fit her best. "Just being able to look at different careers and seeing actual jobs was really helpful."

Want Your Student To Uncover Their True Abilities And Get Direction?

Click the button below to schedule a time to discuss the assessment and learn how it will benefit your student. During this call, you can ask me any questions you'd like. If taking the test makes sense, I'll share the next steps on the call. Looking forward to speaking soon!

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