A Proven System That Helps Students Find Their Future Path

The Pathfinder System helps high school and college students discover their unique strengths so they can make educational decisions with confidence.

The E.A.R. Method Gives Students The Direction They Need

Many students are unclear or even anxious when choosing the best field to study or the type of college to attend. Others waste precious time and money and make educational decisions that they'll regret in the future. 

Using the unique E.A.R. Method, students set clear goals, uncover their unique abilities, and objectively narrow their choices so they make future decisions with confidence.

The end result? Students have a greater understanding of themselves and have clarity on what to do next with their lives. Get the free book and discover the proven process.

Helping Students Determine Their True Strengths

Many students struggle with future decisions because they're unsure about what they're really "good at."

When students take an exclusive assessment that measures what they naturally do well, they get a true glimpse of their potential and make future decisions with confidence. Help your student uncover their true abilities by taking a gold-standard career assessment.

Designed By An Student Expert Who’s Successfully Guided  Hundreds Of Students

Hi, I'm Richard Harris, and I've worked with hundreds of high school and students over the past 19 years.

I've been both a high school advisor at two high schools and I've also led the college recruiting teams at two multi-billion dollar companies, where I led teams that hired thousands of college students into both internships and their first jobs post college.

The method that I've developed helps students choose a path that’s enjoyable but also employable, and sets them up for future success. 

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