Struggling To Help Your Student Plan For Their Future?

Here’s How To Ensure A Productive & Fulfilling Post-Grad Life

  • Think the college major isn’t that important? I’ll show you some eye-opening stats that prove a student’s field of study is more important than ever. 
  • The biggest reasons why the career tests students take in school are often unhelpful and misleading
  • When we think students are unmotivated, it’s usually something more obvious that’s holding them back
Dear Parent, 

If your son or daughter is in school right now and is unsure about what to do with their life...

If they don't know which field to pursue or what type of college to attend...

And if you want access to the most up-to-date information that will give your high-schooler clear direction for their future...

This eBook is for you.

This eBook Will Set Your Student Up To THRIVE

In my new eBook, The PathFinder System, you’re going to learn the simple method that helps any student discover a path that excites them and keeps them engaged...

While also ensuring they accumulate marketable skills that are directly aligned to their strengths so they'll stand out when they transition to the “real world.”

I should warn you, though: This eBook isn't just an ordinary eBook.

It's more of an actionable playbook with tangible stories and steps to follow than a traditional "book" you might pick up online.

I worked hard to remove the fluff to make this easy to read and apply.

At 107 pages, you'll be able to read it in an afternoon.

When you purchase the eBook, I'll send you a link to download the eBook so you can immediately access it.

Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Learn:

  • Think the college major isn’t that important? I’ll show you some eye-opening stats that prove a student’s field of study is more important than ever (page 23)
  • The 3-Step E.A.R. Method that I developed to guide students to the best path, no matter how unsure, confused or anxious they might feel right now (page 44)
  • A 10-question assessment that will help you determine if your son or daughter is adequately prepared for their future (and how to turn things around if they aren’t) (page 41)
  • A job simulator-like assessment that reveals a student’s strengths with incredible accuracy (you’ve probably never heard of this tool before) (page 65)
  • Why telling students to “find something they’re passionate about” is actually bad advice (and what we should recommend instead) (page 49)
  • A fun decision-making tool (the Decision Generator) that helps students narrow their many options down to the one best choice (whether they're choosing a college or the best field of study) (page 79)
  • A foolproof method that helps students match their unique strengths to a field of study that's tailor-made for them (page 70)
  • Why letting students to go into college completely undecided, trusting that they’ll get the direction they need, is a dangerous and outdated practice (page 38)
  • ​A surprising reason why many colleges are ill-prepared to help students discover the best path (most families overlook this, but the lightbulb will go off when you read this story) (page 36)
  • When we think students are unmotivated, it’s usually something else that’s holding them back (learn what it is and how to fix it) (page 46)
  • ​​Why comparing your school experiences to your child's is like comparing apples to hand grenades (and how to help your student avoid the flood of outdated advice still circulating) (page 29)
  • The 4 biggest reasons it’s so hard for students to make decisions for their future (and the most effective way to “hijack” the brain so making decisions is much easier) (page 78)
  • The #1 reason most students say they attend college (and the startling reason the vast majority don’t achieve this desired outcome) (page 35)
  • A puzzle analogy that reveals why the average student has difficulty articulating their goals (and how to finally help them answer the question, "What do you want for your future?") (page 47)
  • The top 8 attributes employers look for when assessing students for future employment (families almost always focus on #5 but neglect #1) (page 31)
  • 6 brain-expanding questions that help students articulate what they actually want for their future (I call this foundational step the “Finish Line Formula”) (page 52)
  • The best free resource to determine the return on investment by college major (including potential salaries and future job prospects) (page 99)
  • The biggest reasons why the career tests students take in school are often unhelpful and misleading (page 58)
  • ​​The “Why, Who, What” model that shows students what’s most important when trying to choose the best field of study (This also explains why many adults are dissatisfied with their jobs!) (page 62)
  • ​​Brand new technology employers are using to recruit college students (and how it’s radically changing the student hiring landscape as we speak. Students who understand how this works will have an advantage.) (page 32)
  • ​​Are the liberal arts even worth it anymore? You might be surprised by my answer! (page 93)
  • ​​In-depth answers to the FAQs I receive from families (you probably have one or more of these questions!) (page 91)
  • ​​The 10 most important career-focused questions to ask a college (before forking thousands of dollars to tuition and other expenses) (page 86)
  • ​​Uplifting stories of bright students who once were unsure about their future, but now have a game plan they're excited about (page 39)
  • ​​And a whole lot more!

HEre's what others have to say

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Richard's philosophy is powerful. It works. His book is filled with actionable recommendations to help students envision their future, accurately assess their strengths, and work through a process to refine their educational and career goals so they can be well-prepared for the opportunities that they will encounter.

I believe that if students follow Richard's process of discovery, they will be more motivated, will feel a greater sense of purpose, and will be more effective in their own educational pursuits.
Tom H. (Parent)
The process within this book helped me to understand my daughter's temperament... how she's wired, and helped me clarify a lot! At times, I was like, "oh, that's her... that's how she's made!"

It was very enlightening. Once we discovered the things that made my daughter come alive, it was also very affirming to know she was headed in the right direction!
Ana B. (Parent)
At first, I didn't even know where to start or what I was doing. I felt pulled apart in a bunch of different directions and didn't know what to do or what schools would fit for me. I didn't like talking about college at all, so I just kind of pushed it out of my mind.

This process was really helpful for discovering the steps I needed to go through to make a confident decision. I love having task to complete and having some kind of goal at the end. Going through the steps in this book helped me to organize my thoughts.
Isabel T. (High school senior)

Why This Process Works So Well

Hi! My name is Richard Harris. I've helped students get into a variety of colleges as a former high school counselor...

But I've also been a Director of College Recruiting at two multi-billion dollar companies, recruiting college students into internships and full-time jobs.

This means I've both "pushed" students into college and "pulled" them out of it.

Seeing both ends of the education-to-career spectrum has helped me understand what students should do to make the best education decisions (like what field to choose or which college to attend).

The process within the eBook works so well because it unearths the unique desires, strengths, and goals that students have, but often can't communicate.

Students who follow the plan outlined in the eBook will have a competitive advantage as they enter the "real world” because they'll know what they’re looking for...

AND...because they'll make smarter decisions that'll position them to excel at, thrive in, and genuinely enjoy life after school.

Here's What To Do Next

The "cost" of this eBook is $7, and you'll get it instantly as a download.
I decided to make this an eBook because I figured you'd prefer to get the eBook immediately rather than waiting a few days.
As soon as you place your order, you'll get an email receipt with the link to download the eBook.
You can access your eBook anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

Yes, This Will Work For YOUR Student!

Whether your son or daughter is headed to college in the very near future or they're a few years out, you can use this method to give them a clear roadmap to follow.

It works for ANY type of college or post-high school plans.

This process has helped Ivy League students as well as those who've attended a local 2-year college.

That said, you should know...

The Time To Start Is NOW

Here's why:

The longer students meander through school and college without a plan, the greater the chance they'll look back on those years and wish they'd done something different.

AND… the more money they'll spend on activities/classes that don't get them closer to their end goal.

In the eBook, I'll share some startling facts about the huge number of students who don't feel confident in their future, even after spending so much time and money in school/college.

But that’s not all.

Because when you place your order, you’ll also get...

A Free BONUS 4-Part Video Series!

When you purchase my eBook, you’ll also get a 4-part video walkthrough of the BEST online resources to help you and your student navigate the college and major selection process.

Through these online tools, you’ll learn:
  • The real market value of specific colleges and majors (so your student will have the BEST chance of turning their educational experience into an investment)
  • How certain majors relate to employment opportunities after graduation (so your student can connect their field to real-world opportunities)
  • How employers make hiring decisions (so your high-schooler can learn how to stand out and be competitive amongst thousands of graduates)
...And you’ll get this all FREE with your purchase of the eBook.

This Is 100% Risk-Free Because I’m Making You A Bold Guarantee...

I guarantee that you and your student will receive immense value from this eBook or I'll return your $7 and let you keep the eBook anyway.
Just email me and I'll send back your $7 with no questions asked!

The Most RISK-FREE Guarantee I Could Think Of

Claim Your Copy While It's Still Available

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Richard Harris

P.S. In case you're like me and skip to the end when reading a letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you a 106-page eBook that outlines the exact steps your son or daughter should take to get clear direction for their future… even if they have no clue what to do with their life right now.

Whether your high-schooler is trying to choose the best field of study to pursue or the right college to attend, my proven process will help them feel excited and confident about their future.

The eBook is just $7, and you can read it immediately after purchasing.

And yes, this process will work for ANY type of student, no matter what their post high school plans are.
There is no "catch" to this offer.
In fact, if you don't like the eBook, let me know and I'll give you back your $7.

Click here and claim your copy now. I don't think you'll regret it.
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