Helping Students Discover What To Do With Their Lives!

The PathFinder System gives students a clear roadmap to follow, so they can finally feel confident in their future.

This Process Gives Students 
Clear Direction

Far too many students are unsure or even anxious about their future. If students need to select the best-fit college or choose an ideal field of study, the three simple steps within The PathFinder System helps students to confidently answer the question, "What should I do with my life?"

 Clear Direction in 3 Steps

Step 1: Envision

Students use the Destination Blueprint to articulate what they actually want, in their own words. This foundational step becomes their "North Star". 

Step 2: Assess

Students take a gold-standard assessment that shows them what they're naturally good at, then matches their abilities to ideal fields of study. 

Step 3: Refine

Students use the Decision Generator to narrow their many options to the one best choice. This "scoreboard" process helps students make smart decisions.

Charlotte B.

"At first I was hesitant, but after walking through all of the steps...and you asking the right questions to get me to figure this out on my own, really helped me a lot!" 
- Charlotte (H.S. Senior)

Peter T.

"With all of our kids, we can tell when the grown up really understands them. You understand what they're trying to say, even if they can't express it themselves. That builds trust and helps them know you're giving them good advice." - Peter (parent) 

Raegan E.

"Before the program, I was hopeless and going through the motions. I didn't care about what I was learning in school, but now that I have direction, my confidence has shot way up!" 
- Raegan (College Junior)

Hi - I'm Richard Harris and I help students discover what to do with their lives!

I've coached hundreds of students as a former high school counselor, and have also led the college recruiting teams at two multi-billion dollar companies. Because I've helped students plan for their future and have hired college students into their first jobs, I know the exact steps students should take as they plan for their future.

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